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Shenzhen artist Zhou Tianya won a major award in Chile Watercolor International Biennial Exhibition

Shenzhen Special Zone Daily (by reporter Liang Ting) reported that Shenzhen artist Zhou Tianya won the 2nd place "Casino de Viña del Mar Award" in the VII Viña del Mar Watercolor International Biennial Exhibition in Chile with a prize of US$ 1,500.

The Biennial was organized by Municipality of de Viña del Mar and Corporación Cultural de Viña del Mar.and Sponsored by Enjoy Casino of Viña del Mar, Chile; 39 works by 31 artist have be selected for the official sample of the Biennial to participate from about 20 countries, including three awards and four honorable mentions. The three awards are: The 1st place “Ciudad de Viña del MarAward”, the 2nd place "Casino de Viña del Mar Award" and the 3rd place “Corporación Cultural de Viña del MarAward”.

Zhou’s award-winning work is titled “ Pilgrims” (see the above image), which depicts pious Tibetan pilgrims praying in the temple. The work presents Zhou’s outstanding mastery of watercolor techniques. Zhou was “happily surprised”, not only because of the small number of awards given by the sponsor, but also because of the show having a reputation of representing Avant-guarde art in watercolor. Zhou’s realistic work to win a major award was totally unexpected. Moreover, Chinese artists have been paying more attention to the exhibitions in North America and Europe and the art exchanges between the Central and South Americas are still scarce. Therefore, this award was more like ice-breaking and Zhou was happily surprised.
The Exhibition opens at Enjoy Casino of Viña del Mar,Chile on November 30th, 2010 and closes on January 30th, 2011. Then the Exhibition will be traveling to other cities in Chile until the end of May.

Zhou Tianya,CAA,NWS.
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